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Of course, many groups carry on through the summer, but those which have taken a break will all re-start in September, on the dates shown on diary sheet (Downloads page).

Conveners—I hope I have got these right! Let me know if not.

So with a full programme then running, that would be a good time for any member to try out a new group.


Please note amended date and new location. The first meeting of the new term is a visit to the States Greffe. All subsequent meetings, as previously announced, are at the new location of St Saviour’s Old Rectory.

Now, that date! Next after the Greffe comes Ned De Carteret. I am afraid we made the mistake of publicising this to you as September 15th, but of course this group uses the 2nd and 4th Fridays, so that should always have been Sept 22nd, and so it will be.

There is also the following (welcome) change, that in addition to the subject of his great-grandfather, Ned will speak about the Carteret Islands. We now plan to try the experiment of offering a refreshment break between the two talks.


Sean Dettman’s group, formerly on Classical Civilisation, then until recently American History, have now decided to look at the Nazi period of German history From Kaiser to Fuhrer. New members with such an interest are most welcome.

As already announced, Marlene Morris will convene a new Poetry group, to meet monthly on the 4th Thursday afternoon, members to bring poems on a given theme, simply to be read for pleasure. If you are interested please contact Marlene on 734946 or at

As demand has not been all that great, I have decided to combine my Mac and iPad User groups.

Juliette’s Travel group now looks unlikely to take off—unless a few more are interested??

If you have ideas for new groups one could start, we are always interested to hear them. Of course, any new group needs a convener.


There has been a good trickle of new members recently, but certainly we’d like more—so please recruit all your friends.