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Overview Diary

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Any alterations from or additions to the normal pattern of meetings will appear below.

The following is a list of the meetings for the rest of this month and the three following months.


Date Time Group
Mon 20th10.00 amItalian
Mon 20th10.30 amFrench Beginners
Mon 20th2.30 pmLiterature
Tue 21st10.30 amFrench Improvers
Tue 21st1.30 pmArt
Tue 21st2.30 pmCreative Writing
Tue 21st2.30 pmMaps
Tue 21st3.00 pmFrench Conversation 1
Wed 22nd10.00 amMusic
Wed 22nd10.30 amCoffee at Pomme d’Or
Wed 22nd10.30 amFrench Conversation 2
Thu 23rd2.30 pmArt History
Thu 23rd2.30 pmPoetry Reading
Fri 24th10.30 amiPad and Mac Users
Fri 24th2.45 pmSocial History
Mon 27th10.00 amItalian
Mon 27th10.30 amFrench Beginners
Tue 28th10.30 amFrench Improvers
Tue 28th11.00 amGlobal Issues
Tue 28th1.30 pmArt
Wed 29th10.30 amFrench Conversation 2


Date Time Group
Fri 1st2.30 pmCurrent Affairs
Fri 1st2.30 pmPlay Reading
Mon 4th10.00 amItalian
Mon 4th10.30 amFrench Beginners
Mon 4th2.30 pmLiterature
Tue 5th10.30 amFrench Improvers
Tue 5th1.30 pmArt
Tue 5th2.30 pmCreative Writing
Tue 5th3.00 pmFrench Conversation 1
Wed 6th10.00 amCrosswords
Wed 6th10.30 amFrench Conversation 2
Wed 6th2.30 pmPhilosophy 1
Thu 7th2.30 pmGerman History: From Kaiser to Fuhrer
Thu 7th2.30 pmPhilosophy 2
Thu 7th2.30 pmWalking 1
Fri 8th10.30 amiPad and Mac Users
Fri 8th2.45 pmSocial History
Mon 11th10.00 amItalian
Mon 11th10.30 amFrench Beginners
Tue 12th10.30 amFrench Improvers
Tue 12th1.30 pmArt
Tue 12th3.00 pmBook-of-the-Month
Wed 13th10.00 amMusic
Wed 13th10.30 amFrench Conversation 2
Wed 13th3.00 pmLocal Studies
Thu 14th2.30 pmArt History
Fri 15th2.30 pmCurrent Affairs
Fri 15th2.30 pmPlay Reading
Mon 18th10.00 amItalian
Mon 18th10.30 amFrench Beginners
Mon 18th2.30 pmLiterature
Tue 19th10.30 amFrench Improvers
Tue 19th1.30 pmArt
Tue 19th2.30 pmCreative Writing
Tue 19th2.30 pmMaps
Tue 19th3.00 pmFrench Conversation 1
Wed 20th10.00 amCrosswords
Wed 20th10.30 amFrench Conversation 2
Wed 20th1.00 pmWalking 2
Wed 20th2.30 pmPhilosophy 1
Thu 21st2.30 pmGerman History: From Kaiser to Fuhrer
Thu 21st2.30 pmPhilosophy 2


Date Time Group
Tue 2nd10.30 amFrench Improvers
Tue 2nd1.30 pmArt
Tue 2nd2.30 pmCreative Writing
Tue 2nd3.00 pmFrench Conversation 1
Wed 3rd10.00 amCrosswords
Wed 3rd10.30 amFrench Conversation 2
Wed 3rd2.30 pmPhilosophy 1
Thu 4th2.30 pmGerman History: From Kaiser to Fuhrer
Thu 4th2.30 pmPhilosophy 2
Thu 4th2.30 pmWalking 1
Fri 5th2.30 pmCurrent Affairs
Fri 5th2.30 pmPlay Reading
Mon 8th10.00 amItalian
Mon 8th10.30 amFrench Beginners
Tue 9th10.30 amFrench Improvers
Tue 9th1.30 pmArt
Tue 9th3.00 pmBook-of-the-Month
Wed 10th10.00 amMusic
Wed 10th10.30 amFrench Conversation 2
Wed 10th3.00 pmLocal Studies
Thu 11th2.30 pmArt History
Fri 12th10.30 amiPad and Mac Users
Fri 12th2.45 pmSocial History
Mon 15th10.00 amItalian
Mon 15th10.30 amFrench Beginners
Mon 15th2.30 pmLiterature
Tue 16th10.30 amFrench Improvers
Tue 16th1.30 pmArt
Tue 16th2.30 pmCreative Writing
Tue 16th2.30 pmMaps
Tue 16th3.00 pmFrench Conversation 1
Wed 17th10.00 amCrosswords
Wed 17th10.30 amFrench Conversation 2
Wed 17th1.00 pmWalking 2
Wed 17th2.30 pmPhilosophy 1
Thu 18th2.30 pmGerman History: From Kaiser to Fuhrer
Thu 18th2.30 pmPhilosophy 2
Fri 19th2.30 pmCurrent Affairs
Fri 19th2.30 pmPlay Reading
Mon 22nd10.00 amItalian
Mon 22nd10.30 amFrench Beginners
Tue 23rd10.30 amFrench Improvers
Tue 23rd11.00 amGlobal Issues
Tue 23rd1.30 pmArt
Wed 24th10.00 amMusic
Wed 24th10.30 amCoffee at Pomme d’Or
Wed 24th10.30 amFrench Conversation 2
Thu 25th2.30 pmArt History
Thu 25th2.30 pmPoetry Reading
Fri 26th10.30 amiPad and Mac Users
Fri 26th2.45 pmSocial History
Mon 29th10.00 amItalian
Mon 29th10.30 amFrench Beginners
Tue 30th10.30 amFrench Improvers
Tue 30th1.30 pmArt
Tue 30th3.00 pmFrench Conversation 1
Wed 31st10.30 amFrench Conversation 2


Date Time Group
Thu 1st2.30 pmGerman History: From Kaiser to Fuhrer
Thu 1st2.30 pmPhilosophy 2
Thu 1st2.30 pmWalking 1
Fri 2nd2.30 pmCurrent Affairs
Fri 2nd2.30 pmPlay Reading
Mon 5th10.00 amItalian
Mon 5th10.30 amFrench Beginners
Mon 5th2.30 pmLiterature
Tue 6th10.30 amFrench Improvers
Tue 6th1.30 pmArt
Tue 6th2.30 pmCreative Writing
Tue 6th3.00 pmFrench Conversation 1
Wed 7th10.00 amCrosswords
Wed 7th10.30 amFrench Conversation 2
Wed 7th2.30 pmPhilosophy 1
Thu 8th2.30 pmArt History
Fri 9th10.30 amiPad and Mac Users
Fri 9th2.45 pmSocial History
Mon 12th10.00 amItalian
Mon 12th10.30 amFrench Beginners
Tue 13th10.30 amFrench Improvers
Tue 13th1.30 pmArt
Tue 13th3.00 pmBook-of-the-Month
Wed 14th10.00 amMusic
Wed 14th10.30 amFrench Conversation 2
Wed 14th3.00 pmLocal Studies
Thu 15th2.30 pmGerman History: From Kaiser to Fuhrer
Thu 15th2.30 pmPhilosophy 2
Fri 16th2.30 pmCurrent Affairs
Fri 16th2.30 pmPlay Reading
Mon 19th10.00 amItalian
Mon 19th10.30 amFrench Beginners
Mon 19th2.30 pmLiterature
Tue 20th10.30 amFrench Improvers
Tue 20th1.30 pmArt
Tue 20th2.30 pmCreative Writing
Tue 20th2.30 pmMaps
Tue 20th3.00 pmFrench Conversation 1
Wed 21st10.00 amCrosswords
Wed 21st10.30 amFrench Conversation 2
Wed 21st1.00 pmWalking 2
Wed 21st2.30 pmPhilosophy 1
Thu 22nd2.30 pmArt History
Thu 22nd2.30 pmPoetry Reading
Fri 23rd10.30 amiPad and Mac Users
Fri 23rd2.45 pmSocial History
Mon 26th10.00 amItalian
Mon 26th10.30 amFrench Beginners
Tue 27th10.30 amFrench Improvers
Tue 27th11.00 amGlobal Issues
Tue 27th1.30 pmArt
Wed 28th10.00 amMusic
Wed 28th10.30 amCoffee at Pomme d’Or
Wed 28th10.30 amFrench Conversation 2