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What is the U3A?

The U3A is a body of volunteers, devoted to the idea of life-long learning through self-help. No one is paid to teach or lead a group.

Though aiming mainly to serve the retired or semi-retired, we welcome people of any age.

Ideally, all members would wish to contribute something of their skills, interests or knowledge, as well as to receive.

The U3A is not a University in the normal sense; it neither requires nor grants any qualifications.

You can find out more about the U3A nationally by visiting

Or visit the U3A's YouTube channel: here

U3A in Jersey

The U3A in Jersey was founded in July 2000, and has since grown to a membership of over 200, with 29 active groups (see Groups page). All of these are included in our annual subscription of only £18.

There are also regular lunches and coffee mornings, as well as ad hoc events such as sailing during the Summer.

There is no upper or lower age limit, but for the greater convenience of retired people, our events generally take place during the daytime.

It is hoped that our members will pursue an activity in congenial company, and will share and add to their knowledge - but despite its name, U3A is not excessively academic.


If you would like to join, or to begin with a "taster session" at one of the groups, or simply to obtain more information, then please see the "Join" page.